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Core Workout #1 Part 2

I decided to go back to Core Workout #1 and make a few modifications. I will add more reps and modify the routines slightly.  If you are a beginner or if you are using this as your warm-up, prepare to get your body-heat up up and your waistline down!

If you want to check out the original Core Workout #1, Click HERE.

Helpful items for this workout

Workout Info:

Warm-up: jumping jacks, arm circles, jump rope. (Warm-up not included in this video. Do your own or use this exercise as your warm-up)

10 Rep each Sets:


  • 10 body-weight squats: Squat as low as possible with your hand on your hips or straight up over your head (works on glutes and core)
  • 10 Squats with Right Leg kick: Squat just like your first set and add a front Right Leg kick  as you extend out of your squat.
  • 10 Squats with Left Leg Kick: Same with your left leg.
  • See image and video for further instructions.
Squat - Squat Kick

Squat - Squat Kick

Kick Backs:

  • 10-20 Kick Backs: Drop to a plank (push up) position and complete a set of Kick Backs (Works on entire core including shoulders and arms)



Plank – Knee Tuck Kick:

  • 10 Reps each side: From a plank position (up on hands or down on elbows) Drive your right knee to your chest and then extend your leg back and as high as you can.
  • Repeat on Left side. (works on core, glutes and arms)

Plank Knee Tuck Kick

Plank Knee Tuck Kick

Side Plank Leg Raise:

  • 10 Reps each side:  From a side plank (either up on hand or down on elbow) Raise your hand into the air (or on your hip) and raise your leg into the air as high as you can. Keep your leg straight.
  • Repeat on opposite side. Try to keep your balance throughout entire set.  (Works on core, obliques, glutes, thighs, hips, arms)

Side Plank Leg Raise

Side Plank Leg Raise

Side Plank Leg Raise Alternate

Side Plank Leg Raise Alternate

Squat, Leg Lift, Knee Up, Back Lunge:

  • 20 Alternating Reps (10 Each Side): Start in a standing position with your feet spread shoulder width apart.
  • Squat down and back up.
  • Lift your right heel behind you keeping your leg straight. (Squeeze your glutes)
  • Without touching your foot back to the floor, swing your right leg in front of you and lift your knee as high as you can into your chest.
  • Again without touching your foot on the floor, swing it back into a back lunge.
  • Now return to starting position and
  • Repeat on your left side.

Squat Kick Back Knee Up Back Lunge

Squat Kick Back Knee Up Back Lunge

Wall Balance Knee Up Back Kick:

  • 10 reps each side: Balance yourself on a wall with one hand. (The further away from the wall your feet are, the more advanced this core workout will be.)
  • Rise you non-balancing hand into the air (alternatively place hand on hip), raise your knee to your chest and then perform a back kick driving your heal as high into the air as you can.
  • Do not touch your foot on the ground as you return your knee to your chest.
  • See image and video for better instructions.
  • Repeat on opposite side.

Wall Balance Knee Up Back Kick

Wall Balance Knee Up Back Kick

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One Response to “Core Workout #1 Part 2”

  1. Love the post. Keep it up.

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