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Chest Workout with Balls Part 2

If you want an extreme Chest workout, you have landed on the right page! Most men want a ripped chest and shoulders.  In order to achieve this look, your upper body stabilizer muscles need to be put to the test.  Gain balance, strength and size during this intense pectoral exercise. It’s my second chest workout, with balls!  View the easier Chest Workout with Balls Part 1.

Helpful items for this workout

Workout Info:

Warm Up: Please DO NOT try this workout without a proper warm up and stretch. You will regret it for a week.

1 Ball 2 Ball Push Ups:

  • 10 Reps (each set): Concentrate on good form and balance. Place both hands on a ball, go slow and keep your back straight through 10 reps.
  • Use two balls, one hand on each ball just over shoulder width apart. Complete 10 reps slowly and concentrate on a deep press with good form.
1 Ball 2 Ball

1 Ball 2 Ball

Roll Across Ball Push Ups:

  • 10 Reps (5 each side): Get into a plank position with your right hand up on the ball and your left hand on the floor.
  • Complete one push up and then slowly roll the ball toward your left hand. You will now adjust your hands so that your left hand is on the ball and your right hand is on the floor.
  • Complete a set of 10 reps minimum and concentrate on keeping your back straight, good balance and form.
  • You are working your entire core, chest, shoulders and back.
Roll-Across Push Up

Roll-Across Push Up

Hop Across Ball Push Ups:

  • 10 Reps (5 each side): Start in the same position as set above. Right hand on the ball and left hand on the floor.
  • Keeping the ball aligned with your body, perform a push up and explode over the top of the ball, landing on the opposite side of the ball with your left hand on the ball and right hand on the floor.
  • Perform a full push up and hop back to the other side. Alternate sides for 10 reps.
  • Be careful and know your own strength. Do not attempt this if you are uncertain about your abilities.
  • See image and video for further instructions.
Hop Across Ball Pushup

Hop Across Ball Push Up

Cherry Pickers followed by Alternating Jack Knife:

  • 5 Cherry Pickers: Start from a standing position and squat down to place both hands on the floor beside your feet.
  • Jump your feet back into a full plank while balancing on your hands.
  • Perform a full push up and then jump your feet back to just inside your hands.
  • Stand tall and stretch your hands to the sky (Advanced would be to include a jumping knee tuck here)
  • After the fifth rep, jump your feet back into a plank and raise your right arm up (pointing straight out in front of your face) and raise your left leg, pointing your left foot straight out behind you.
  • Hold for a count of 5 seconds and then alternate.
  • Your left arm should be raised and your right leg.
  • Repeat a set of 5 on each side.
Cherry Pickers Plank Knife

Cherry Pickers Plank Knife

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