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60 Day Body Transformation Not P90X

What a sigh of relief. I finished 60 days and for some reason I feel like I can take a break. I’m going to continue to push however and see what I can do over my next 30 days. My wife says, “You look like you did when we were dating!” so that gives me a little extra motivation. I weighed 175 on the day that I got married and gained 30 pounds during that first year! Ouch. Happiness and alot of pasta will do that to you I guess.

One of the last things that I could ever imagine myself doing was to stand in front of the world without a shirt on.  Today’s hottest fitness programs like P90X, Insanity, and Turbo Fire ask you to take pictures every thirty days to track your results and to help motivate you to complete the program.  These are my 60 day results from working out on GarageBodyTV.com

Measurements in Lbs / Inches
Day Weight Bust Chest Belly Waist Hips L Thigh R Thigh L Calf R Calf L Forearm R Forearm L Bicep R Bicep
Day 1 201 38.5 37 38 36 43.5 22.5 22 15.5 15.25 11 11 14.5 14.5
Day 30 187 40.5 37 35 33.5 42 23 23.75 16.25 15.75 11.5 12 15.25 15.5
Day 60 188.25 41.5 38 33.5 33 40.5 23 23.5 16.5 16.25 12.25 12 15.5 15.75

How to Measure

I am feeling so much better.  I have more energy throughout the day. I feel like I am burning more fat as I sit in front of my computer at work which may sound weird. I can cheat a little more on my meals and know that I won’t suffer the next morning because of it. Of course I will continue to stick to my portion control and attempt to stay away from the candy bowl at work.

I am beginning to see more definition around my mid section and it helps motivate me for my next 30 days of this new lifestyle.

I know what you’re thinking. “Wow, he must be embarrased about those day 1 pictures!”
And you are correct, but I am not so worried about it anymore.  To be honest, it’s one of the things that motivates me the most.

Goals for next thirty days:

1.   Tone up my mid-section. Reveal abs and obliques.

  • Not just cut down, but eliminate the the candybars, starbursts and fruitsnacks that await me as I walk in and out of work… and back and forth to several times per day.
  • ADD more raw veggies and a little fruit to my daily diet.
  • Avoid eating high fats and carbs late (after 8pm) at night.
  • Continue to exercise my portion control.
  • More sleep (at least 7.5 hours at night).
  • Add cardio (treadmill and swim) 3 times per week (30 minute sessions) to my workout routine.
  • In addition to Core workouts, add yoga and possibly pilates.

2.   Gain mass in chest, arms, shoulders, traps.

  • More protein. Only added 10-20 grams of whey per day to my regular diet and I should add another 30 or so.
  • Push harder on my lifts, increase weight.
  • Continue to focus on my post-workout recovery meals and drinks. (Better Amino Acids and Proteins mixed with the proper Glycemic Index carbs).

3.   Study up on vitamins and supplements.  Listen to opinions on pre-workout supplements and post-workout recovery supplements.

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