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Muscle Building Fat Burning Workout #2

The focus of this exercise is to burn fat off of your entire body while building a stronger, more healthy looking physique. By lifting one set of heavy weights followed by a quick set of lighter weights we hope to give the muscles a major pump and take them to exhaustion.  If you want to build muscle, burn fat and increase your metabolism then you should incorporate workouts like this one into your routine.

To check out a similar workout and that works more on chest and back as well as legs and butt, see “Muscle Building Fat Burning Workout #1″

Helpful items for this workout
Troy Barbell

Workout Info:

Warm Up:

  • Your warm up should consist of movements that force blood into your muscles. Before you lift heavy weights, you should be sure that your blood is flowing and your muscles are warmed and loosened up.

Lift Press Squat:

  • 6-10 Reps: Using a heavy weights and a barbell
  • 1- clean bar off floor up to your waist.
  • 2- swing curl up to your chest.
  • 3- shoulder press weight above head and lower slowly back to chest.
  • 4- leaving the weight at shoulder level, squat as deep as comfortable and back up.
  • 5- lower weight to waist level and back to floor. (make your movement slow to avoid injury)
  • see image below and video above for further instruction.
Lift Press Squat

Lift Press Squat

Repeat with lighter weight:

  • Burn Out: Immediately following heavy lifting set, grab a lighter barbell or dumbbells and complete as many reps as you can comfortably.
  • Note:  If your first set was heavy enough, then you shouldn’t be able to complete more than a dozen or so reps.
  • Either increase your weight on first set or increase your weight a little on second set if this is the case.
Light Lift Press Squat

Light Lift Press Squat

Biceps Curl to Bent Row:

  • 6-10 Reps:  Using heavily weighted barbell or dumbbells, perform standing biceps curls followed by a bent over row.
  • You should use a weight that allows for less than 10 reps max.
  • On bent over row, keep your back straight and try to bring the weight all the way up to touch your lower chest.
Biceps Curl into Bent Row

Biceps Curl into Bent Row

Repeat with lighter weight:

  • Burnout: Lower the amount of weight and repeat the set.
  • Note: Your muscles should be fatigued by 12 reps. If not, increase the weight.
Light Biceps Curl into Bent Row

Light Biceps Curl into Bent Row

Alternate Lunge Curl:

  • 6-10 Reps each side: Grab medium to heavy dumbbells and perform a two-arm biceps curl while stepping back into a lunge.  Bring your knee as close to the floor as possible without touching the floor.
  • Lower the weights back to your sides as you return to a standing position.
  • Repeat with your opposite leg stepping back.
  • Note: This may also be done as seen in the image below. Curl weight up as you move to a standing position and lower weight as you lunge back.
Alternating lunge curl

Alternating lunge curl

Shoulder Press Squat:

  • 6-10 Reps:  Extend both dumbbells over your head by performing a standing shoulder press.
  • As you lower the weight to ear level, perform a full squat as low as you can go.
  • as you come up from your squat, press the dumbbells back above your head.
  • Squeeze at the top of your reps for that extra work.
  • Note: you may extend all the way up onto your toes for an even better full body blast!
Shoulder Press Squat

Shoulder Press Squat

Repeat complete set 2-4 times.

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