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Shoulders and Arms Workout

Today I am working on Shoulders and Arms.  Whether you want to gain muscle mass or just burn fat off of your shoulders and arms this will be a good session for you. We are getting back to the basics in this workout and I will not get into any exercises that are to difficult.

Helpful items for this workout
Troy Barbell

Workout Info:

Warm Up:

  • 8-10 Minute Warm-up: Arm circles, jumping jacks, shoulder stretches like cross body one arm stretch, palms together push down in front and behind body etc. Take your time warming up and getting your blood flowing.

Standard Shoulder Flies:

  • 10 Reps: Try to use a weight that is light enough for you to keep your arms straight and fly to a point above your ears. Don’t make it to easy on yourself as you want to feel the burn on your 10th rep.
  • Note: You can use weights, plates, resistance bands, water bottles, etc. for this workout.
  • View images below or video above for visual instruction.
Shoulder Flies

Shoulder Flies

Twist Curl:

  • 10 Reps each Arm: Focus on your form during the first 10 reps. Start with your arm stretched behind your waist with your palm facing away from your body as seen in the image below (your triceps muscle will be flexed slightly). Turn you wrist while curling the weight to your chest. You should finish with your palm facing your body. Lower the weight or band to the starting position and repeat.

Repeat :

After you have completed these two exercises with lighter weight, increase the amount of weight and repeat these two sets.

Arm Twist Curl

Arm Twist Curl

Resistance Band Shoulder Flies:

  • 10 Reps: Be sure to adjust the band so that you are getting a good workout. Complete flies in same manner as before. Top of fly should be above ear level.

Resistance Band Biceps Curl:

  • 10 Reps each side: Use same motion as with dumbbells. Start with palm facing back and curl up to chin with palm facing chest.

Alternating Shoulder Press:

  • 10 Reps each side: Using dumbbells or resistance band start with arms bent at a 90 degree angle, biceps parallel with floor and weight or handle by ears.  Press one arm straight up and back to starting position. Alternate hands for 10 reps each side.
  • The image below shows alternating shoulder presses with dumbbells as well as resistance band.
  • The following image shows “Twist shoulder presses” and you perform these shoulder presses in the same manner as normal but you add a little twist at the top. Start with palms facing forward and finish the press with palms facing inward toward your body.
Alternating Shoulder Press

Alternating Shoulder Press

Alternating Shoulder Twist Press

Alternating Shoulder Twist Press

Curls with Wrist Twist:

  • 10 Reps: Start with weights by your sides, palms facing in toward body. Curls weights up to chest and finish with palms facing chest.
  • Start with heavier weights because after this set you will repeat the exercise with lighter weights.
Curls with Wrist Twist

Curls with Wrist Twist

Repeat Shoulder Press and Curls:

  • 10 Reps: Complete shoulder presses with lighter weight and press both arms simultaneously.
  • 10 Reps: Using same light weights, move right into biceps curls. Curl both arms at the same time.

Curl Press Front:

  • 10 Reps: Curl weights in front of your body as normal and extend up into a shoulder press.
  • See video above for visual instructions on this exercise.

Curl Press Side:

  • 10 Reps: Curl weights to the side as normal and extend right into a shoulder press.
  • See image below and video above for visual instructions on this exercise.
Curl Press Side

Curl Press Side

Front Shoulder Flies:

  • 10 Reps: Allow weights to hang in front of your body and with straight arms, raise the weights straight out in front of you until your wrists are at least at eye level and lower back down slowly.

Front Shoulder Fly and Press:

  • 10 Reps: Complete front shoulder flies and add a chest press at the top of your fly motion and then back down.
  • See image below and video above for visual instructions.
Front Shoulder Fly Press

Front Shoulder Fly Press

Concentration Curls:

  • 10 Reps each arm (or burnout): Using something (like your knee) to stabilize your arm, perform 10 biceps curls. Doing this will concentrate the effort completely on your biceps and forearm muscles.
Concentration Curl

Concentration Curl

Rear Deltoid Shoulder Fly and Row:

  • 10 Reps: For this entire workout, we have worked on the front and sides of the shoulder. If you want to work out the back of your shoulders (rear deltoids) you need to make a few slight adjustments.
  • Bend slightly at the waist and do a row or a fly to hit the rear delts as seen in the image below.
Rear Deltoid Shoulder Fly

Rear Deltoid Shoulder Fly

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