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Core Workout #7

This is a timed core workout that consists of 6 sets of exercises times 2 rounds. 50 high knees, 10 grasshopper push ups, 10 jab cross, knee ups each side, 10 T push ups, 10 back-lunge jumps, 10 mui thai push ups using ball or platform.

Helpful items for this workout

Workout Info:

Warm Up: Your warm up should consist of jumping jacks and arm circles. Get your blood flowing throughout your entire body.You will be working on your legs, chest, shoulders, butt, thighs and calves. Be sure to get a good stretch on your legs as you will be kicking and jumping.

Note:  This is a timed workout, so be sure to hit the start on your stop watch and run through these exercises as fast as you can. If you take a break for any reason, the clock should continue to run.

High Knees:

  • 50 High Steps: Just like running in place, you will bring your knees up as high as you can. Try to bring each knee up past your waist line. 50 Reps includes 25 from each leg. Do this as fast as possible.
High Knees X 50

High Knees X 50

Grasshopper Push Ups:

  • 5 Reps each side (10 total): Grasshopper Push Ups are more difficult than they look. While lowering your body to the floor, stretch one leg through to the opposite side of your body. Try to keep your leg as straight as possible and if you are capable, keep your leg lifted off of the floor.
  • See image below and video above for better visual instructions.
Grass Hopper Push Ups

Grass Hopper Push Ups

Jab, Cross, Kick:

  • 10 Reps each side: Starting from a fighting stance with your guard up, perform a jab, cross and high knee or kick (notice on my kicks that I use an “In to Out Circle Kick”)
  • If you are stick with jab, cross, high knee, be sure to drive your knee as if you are kneeing someone in the face. (Ouch, don’t hate me because that sounded violent. It’s just for the purpose of the exercise, not that you would actually do such a thing.)
Jab Cross Kick

Jab Cross Kick

T-Push Ups:

  • 5 Reps each side (10 total): Start in a plank position. Perform a push up and then balancing on one hand lift your opposite arm into the air and point your hand toward the ceiling. Hold for one second and back into plank.
  • You can alternate hands or complete all 5 reps consecutively on each hand before changing sides.
T-Push Ups

T-Push Ups

Back Lunge, Jump:

  • 10 Reps each side (20 total): Lunge back with one leg and then jump, exploding into the air while driving your knee up as high as you can. Land and go right back into a back lunge.
  • 10 reps and then change sides.
one leg back-lunge jump

one leg back-lunge jump

Mui Thai Push Ups:

  • 5 Reps (1 Rep = 2 Push Ups): Start in a plank (push up) position with hands positioned on each side of platform (or ball). Perform a push up (touching your chest to platform or ball) and then explode up, transferring your hands to the platform.  Perform an explosive push up from the platform and transfer your hands back to each side. That completes one Repetition.
  • Note: Be very careful if you are using a ball as it may have a tendency to roll.
Mui Thai Platform (or ball) Push Ups

Mui Thai Platform (or ball) Push Ups

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