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Arms and Back Workout

Today I am focusing on gaining size and strength in my arms and back using biceps curls, hanging body-weight rows, reverse grip chin ups and dips.  Try to go all out until your body is completely spent and you can not do another rep of anything.  Enjoy!

Helpful items for this workout
Troy Barbell

Workout Info:

Warm Up:

  • 8-10 Minute Warm-up: Arm circles, jumping jacks, huggers and back and arm stretches. Take your time warming up and getting your blood flowing.

Standard Barbell Curls:

  • 8-10 Reps: Using a barbell with heavy weight (for size gain) complete 8 curls.  Or if you are just trying to burn fat and not gain muscle then use light weight (for toning) and complete 12-18 curls.
  • 8-10 Reps: Immediately following your set of curls, bend over at the waist (keeping your back straight) and complete the same amount of bent over rows using the same weight.
  • View images below for more visual instruction.
DumbBell Curls and Bent Over Rows

DumbBell Curls and Bent Over Rows

Body-Weight Hanging Rows:

  • 10 Reps: Using whatever setup you may have, place a bar between two surfaces. You may use two chairs or something similar to what I am doing. While hanging underneath the bar, place your feet on a surface so that you can keep your back straight. Perform 8-10 body-weight rows.
  • See image and video
Hanging Rows and Bent Arm Hang

Hanging Rows and Bent Arm Hang

Alternating Dumbbell Curls:

  • 8-10 Reps each arm: Standard dumbbell curls. Alternate arms.
Dumbbell Curls

Dumbbell Curls

Reverse Grip Chin Ups:

  • Burn Out: Do as many chin ups as you can do with a reverse grip (palms facing you).
  • Assisted Burn Out: Immediately following your full body-weight chin ups, lighten the weight by using some sort of assistance and do as many chin ups as you can. (For assistance you can use a chair or a resistance band. In the video I use my knee against the pad which is another technique).
Underhand Chin Up and Assisted Chin Up

Underhand Chin Up and Assisted Chin Up

Repeat each set from Barbell Curl to Reverse Grip Chin Up:

  • Concentrate on using good form and being able to complete at least 6-10 reps.

Dips and Knee Ups:

  • Burn Out: Burn out doing as many dips as you can.
  • Knee Ups: Follow your dips with knee ups. Holding yourself in a dip position, bring your knees to your chest and hold for 2 seconds before lowering your legs. Do 8-10 reps.

In and Out Curls:

  • 10 Reps: Perform In and Out curls using a resistance band or medium to heavy weights.
  • Burn Out: Immediately following your in and out curls, burn out with a straight up and down biceps curl, curling both arms at the same time.
In and Out Curls followed by Burn Out Straight curls

In and Out Curls followed by Burn Out Straight curls

Flexed arm hang with a leg up hold:

  • Hold as long as possible: Hang with arms bent at a 90 degree angle. Try to lift your legs straight out in front of you for as long as possible. Move legs to bent knee or Indian style when it gets to difficult to handle. You may also add in a partial pull up for a more intense workout.

Repeat each set from Dips and Knee Up to Flexed Arm Hang:

Go until you can’t go anymore.  I through in a few jumping chin ups to completely fatigue my back.

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    Pretty good post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed reading your blog posts.

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