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P90X: MC2 What’s after P90X?

For years, loyal P90X and Beachbody Fans have asked the question, “What’s after P90X?”

We can now positively answer that question without any further doubt! This is not a rumor, speculation, or guess work on our behalf, this is straight from the man himself, Tony Horton. So what’s the answer:
P90X: MC2
MC2 stands for Muscle Confusion, and 2, well, it is P90X 2. But before you get all excited, P90X: MC2 will not be available until late 2011. It almost doesn’t seem right to have to wait over a year, but you and I are in luck! Tony Horton has been releasing over the last two years his workout series called “One on One with Tony Horton”. This year, One on One with Tony Horton is being renamed to P90X One on One! Kinda has a nice ring to it.

So you’re probably asking yourself, what does P90X One on One have to do with P90X:MC2?
Over the course of the next year, and once a month, you have an opportunity to be in Tony’s TEST GROUP. The P90X One on One will let you get an exclusive look at P90X:MC2 as its being developed. You get the exclusive opportunity to be tortured first. You will see the workout as it’s being put together. It’s like a magazine subscription, each month a new one comes in the mail. This is Tony Horton at his best, in his personal gym, NO cast, and just the camera!

The workouts will be in Tony Horton’s typical style, about an hour, crazy, and full of intensity. But beware of the new moves, and the new muscle confusion!

P90X, What's Next?

What's after P90X?

Now check out this awesome offer, a great reason to subscribe now to P90X One on One.
When you subscribe, you get 50% off the P90X:MC2 workout when it’s released. So subscribe today and get in on the action, but if you subscribe late, just make sure you go back and grab the ones you missed. You have to own all 12 to qualify. This offer is only available at the link I will post below!

Last but not least, on July 6, The P90X Fan Page on Facebook, will be hosting a contest. You submit a video clip of your most unique workout move. Winners will receive awesome prizes (a 1-year subscription to P90X One on One, a 1- year supply of Results & Recovery Formula™, the One on One, Volume 2 Full Edition, Tony-autographed T-shirts), and consideration of the move, with call-out of the submitter’s name, for an upcoming P90X One on One workout.

School is back in session, and I have already personally signed up for class!

Get started with P90X One on One!

P90X One on One with Tony Horton

Coming Out Late 2011!

P90X graduates: School is back in session.
P90X:MC2™ is a completely new 90-day extreme fitness program that continues to build on your P90X results. The only way to avoid a plateau is to continue the Muscle Confusion™. And with Tony Horton’s all-new, intense, cutting-edge workouts, you will definitely keep your muscles guessing.

Be among the first to enroll in Tony’s next semester of sweat.

P90X Next

P90X One on One

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10 Responses to “P90X: MC2 What’s after P90X?”

  1. Other than those 37 other sites I visit daily, this site is my “must view”. Keep it up, brutha.

  2. Good stuff. Check out my latest article, you’ll like it if you’re into fitness.

  3. My goal right now is to get ripped six pack abs and it’s not easy. Does anyone here have some tips as far as a good six pack abs diet? I have read that egg whites, oatmeal, salmon, blueberries and broccoli are all important to include in your diet…are there any other foods I should include to build muscle and get ripped abs?

    • admin says:

      Sounds pretty good on the diet. Mainly focus on portion control and that you do not over-eat.. especially before bed. Building muscle takes alot of food and protein whereas shedding fat requires a calorie deficit (burn more than you consume). Which is more important to you?

  4. Dorsey Claud says:

    Is this like the P 90 X system. I have been looking for some information on it but this seems like it has potential. Just want to make the ideal decision

    • admin says:

      The is the next generation of P90X. This is more “P90 Next!”
      If you haven’t tried P90X, then I would certainly recommend it. You can get it right here, just click on the P90X image below “Recommended Programs” to the right —->

  5. Hi, i just discovered your blog, thanks for your article. I found it really interesting.

  6. Excellent stuff – many thanks for posting this!

  7. Hello, This website is great, which you used cms ? WordPress or another?

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