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Core Workout #4

This is a great core and full body fat burning workout. We will work on legs, calves, chest, sides and shoulders. This workout can be intense, so get ready to feel a great sense of accomplishment!

Helpful items for this workout

Workout Info:

Warm Up:

  • 8-10 Minute Warm-up: Jumping Jacks, arm circles, huggers and stretch. Be sure to stretch your chest, calves and quads.

Legs and Calves :

  • 2 Reps: Starting with 2 squats, heels on floor (Arms pointing down in front of you or holding weights that you are comfortable with)
  • 2 Reps: Up on your toes as high as you can go, complete 2 squats in the same manor as before remaining on toes.
  • 2 Reps: Holding weights in front of you, side lunge right twice as far down as you can go.
  • 2 Reps: Up on the toes  of the lunging foot. Hold weights in front of you, side lunge right twice as far down as you can go.
  • 2 Reps: Repeat same scenario in a right legged front lunge. (Two lunges on heel and two on toes)
  • 2 Reps: Repeat same scenario in a left legged front lunge. (Two lunges on heel and two on toes)
  • 2 Reps: Repeat same scenario in a left legged side lunge. (Two lunges on heel and two on toes)

Heel Toe Straight Squat

Heel Toe Side Lunge

Heel Toe Lunges

Angled Staggered Push-ups :

  • 2 Reps: After your squats and lunges set, crouch to place your hands on the floor.  Keep your dumbbell in one hand. Kick back into a plank and then do 2 push ups.
  • 2 Reps:  keeping your hands on the floor, jump your feet to the right so that you are at an angle and do 2 push-ups.
  • 2 reps:  now jump your feet back to the middle and then to the left followed by 2 more push ups. Jump back to the middle and move the dumbbell to the other hand.  Repeat. (see image below)

side to side pushups

Super set bounding push-up, shoulder raises :

  • 2 Reps: Holding a weight in between your feet in a squat position, legs at a shoulder width apart, extend your legs and leap into the air holding the weight. Land softly and repeat for 2 reps.
  • 2 Reps:  Still holding the weight in one hand, drop down and do a push up followed raising the dumbell into the air as high as you can while twisting your torso. Lower the weight back to the ground and repeat. Change hands for 2 more reps and then jump back up to repeat set.  (See images below for more explanation)

bounding weighted squats

hop pushup fly

Repeat entire exercise. See video above to follow along:

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