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Core Workout #3

Part 3 of this Core Workout series will fry the existing fat off your mid-section! If you want to sleep well and feel great about your workout today, then push back from the desk and join me for this intense exercise.

If you missed PART 1 and PART 2 of my Core Workout routines, be sure to check-em out!

Helpful items for this workout

Workout Info:

Obliques and Core Training :

  • 8-10 Minute Warm-up: We will be working on our Obliques, Glutes, Abs and Entire Midsection so we need to get a good warm up.

Warm Up for Core Workout #3
Warm Up for Core Workout #3

Full Body Fat Burner:

  • 10 Reps Slightly Bent at the waist keeping your back straight (at a slight angle) Hang your arms in front of you holding whatever weight you are comfortable with (Hang Clean Position).  Flip weight to top of shoulders with a slight squat position (Back Straight Up).  Press weight to ceiling and slowly back to shoulders.  While keeping weight at shoulders, squat as far down as comfortable and then back up to a standing position.  Slowly return to starting Hang Clean position.
Full Body Fat Burning Exercise

Full Body Fat Burning Exercise

Total Body Fat Burning Exercise
Total Body Fat Burning Exercise

Oblique Twists:

  • 10 Reps each Side: With or without weights you can do this exercise.  Bend over and touch the ground across your body. While twisting your torso, stand up and reach for the sky on the opposite side. Repeat.
  • If you are using a resistance band, place band under foot and with resistance pull handle from opposite hip across body to sky as in picture below.
Oblique Lifting Twist

Oblique Lifting Twist

Oblique Side Raises:

  • 10 Reps each Side: Begin by balancing on forearm and elbow (or on palm with straight arm). Place opposite hand on waist and raise your hips to the sky ending up in a side plank position. (Use slow, steady motion for maximum results. (Works on obliques and hips)
Oblique Side Raise

Oblique Side Raise

Arching Leg Lifts:

  • 10 Reps each Leg Laying on back with knees bent, raise hips as high into the air as you physically can. Place arms straight down by your sides and use hands to help balance. Straighten one leg and kick from floor to ceiling. (Try not to touch heel on ground but get as close as possible. Keep leg straight, hips high and head lifted off the ground)  (Work on glutes (butt), hips, abs, groin)  See image below.
Abs Hips Butt Excercise

Abs Hips Butt Excercise

Abs Hips Butt Excercise 2

Abs Hips Butt Excercise 2

Upper and Lower Ab Shredder:

100 Reps: Laying flat on back, bring knees up so that shins are parallel with the floor.  Raise your head and straighten your arms (Arms are raised about 6″-12″ off floor).  Flap your arms up and down for a count of 100. Straighten legs for a more advanced burn. (The lower your heals are to the ground without touching, the more difficult the workout)
Ab Burner Exercise

Ab Burner Exercise

Ab Burner Exercise Advanced

Ab Burner Exercise Advanced

*Repeat Full Exercise.

Remember to warm up and cool down properly.  Sweat, sweat, sweat!

Cool Down Core Workout #3
Cool Down Core Workout #3

Enjoy your workout, and be sure to track your results. These routines are great for dropping body fat and shedding pounds from your mid-section. The key is to feel the BURN!  Don’t be afraid to sweat.

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